Chatterbox is the easiest way to provide a Live Website Chat for your Visitors and Customers. You can use Chatterbox to generate Leads or to even provide customer support. Respond to your website visitors from your Slack Channel. 

Built in Hoax Chat Filter: Chatterbox has a built in bot that takes care of the initial vetting of your visitor and identifies them as genuine. Only then is the chat passed on to your Slack. 

How to Install Chatterbox?

  1. Navigate to you Chatterbox Menu. 
  2. Customize your Chat Window the way you want it to appear on your Website. 
  3. Save your changes. 
  4. Create a new Channel in your Slack where you would like all your Chat messages to appear. 
  5. Click the "Add to Slack Button".
  6. This will navigate your page to your Slack Page. (You will need Slack Admin access).
  7. Select your Channel. Note: Please select a Public Channel Only.
  8. Click "Authorize".
  9. The page will redirect back to Chatterbox settings page. 
  10. Now you can see your Chat script. 
  11. Copy and Paste your chat script in your Website before closing of </body> tag. 

Note: You should paste the Chat Script only once on your website. Do not paste multiple times. Better to add the chat script into a common file across your Website.